The Top 4 Exchanges For Bitcoin and Crypto Trading in the US — Where to Buy Your First Bitcoin — 2021

Any crypto exchange open to US users will have a KYC (verification) process before any major trading can take place — this is in place to stay in compliance with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)

As the demand for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies grows, the options of how to acquire them also expand. In this quick overview, we will discuss 4 of the top crypto exchanges that are available for people who live in the USA.

#4 — Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

Coinbase continues to be a trusted exchange for many new bitcoin and crypto investors. Coinbase actually has two separate platforms. Regular Coinbase, where users can view their portfolio, make quick swaps of crypto, and initiate sends/receives directly from the app/website.

On the other hand, they have Coinbase Pro, which is the more advanced trading platform. Trading within the actual Coinbase order books (Coinbase Pro), gives the user the exposure to increased fee discounts and better prices.

Coinbase Pro is accessible with the same username and password as the regular site/app, and you can transfer your funds between the two. For anyone who is doing any sort of active trading, Coinbase Pro will save them money on the trading fees. Regular Coinbase is perfect for less active trading, and is also very much easier to use and understand than Coinbase Pro, as a beginner user/trader.

You can get your account started, along with a free $10 in Bitcoin after your first $100 trade by clicking THIS LINK.

- User-Friendly Design
- Instant Withdrawals To Paypal

- High Trading Fees/Prices
- Has Been Known To Crash or “Go Down” During High Volatility Events

$100 trade will cost 100 * 0.005 = $0.50
More on Coinbase Pro Fees — Coinbase Pro Fee Structure

What is a maker? What is a taker? A maker order is someone who PLACES a limit order in the order book in hopes to be filled. A taker order is someone who TAKES one of the limit orders already placed in the order books.

#3 — CashApp

CashApp continues to be one of the most user-friendly ways to get your hands on some Bitcoin. One of the easiest and quickest apps to set-up, Bitcoin hungry users can quickly purchase directly from CashApp. We have noticed that the fees are very similar to that of Coinbase (regular) as they seem to charge their users for the extreme ease-of-use when it comes to making a Bitcoin purchase.

So along with the many stocks that CashApp users can “invest” in, they can also hold onto their Bitcoin, withdraw, and even receive Bitcoin directly to their CashApp wallet. You can even set up recurring buys, so that you can have your CashApp buying some Bitcoin for you every day, week, or month!

You can join CashApp by CLICKING HERE

Purchase, store, send and receive Bitcoin directly from CashApp

- Most User-Friendly Of All Exchanges To Purchase Bitcoin
- Easy to Send to Friends via CashApp tag
- Recurring Buys Setup

- Only Bitcoin Available (No Altcoins.. Yet…)
- High Trading Fees/Prices

- Fees are built into the prices

#2 — Voyager Exchange

Only being available to US citizens, Voyager continues to grow in popularity as it has been shown to have a very competitive fee and price structure. Touting a “no commission” crypto exchange, Voyager sets its prices so that the spread is where they can make their trading fee income. As we continue to monitor and use this exchange, the prices increasingly become more and more competitive with that of even the biggest names in the crypto world.

Competitive pricing aside, Voyager has shown its users that they can produce an exchange where users can be sure to get great prices on their crypto, whether for long-term holding or day trading. Along with this, the user experience continues to allow people of all skill types access to the crypto markets. With easy to understand order types between only market or limit orders, users can stand confident they will get a price they are wanting (limit order) AND they can be happy to know that a market order will give them a price that is very competitive to other markets around the world.

Online Crypto College is inviting you to start investing in crypto with Voyager. Download the app and trade $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin.

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Voyager App is the best combination of good pricing and user friendliness that we have used as of yet!

- User-Friendly App
- Great Rates on Interest Income (just for holding crypto on Voyager)
- Zero Commission on Trades AND
Great Prices

- Waitlist for Onboarding (currently due to surge in demand)
- Some Altcoins are only paper traded (not able to withdraw — only buy/sell)

- Fees are built into the prices (marketed as “zero-commission”)

#1 — BinanceUS

BinanceUS continues to be the preferred choice for most professional trading for one simple reason. Trading fees. Anyone who actively trades understands that trading fees and trading commissions are of utmost priority when it comes to establishing or engineering any sort of strategy. Along with their best-in-class fees, BinanceUS holds a very robust public API system allowing flexibility of automated trading strategies.

BinanceUS has both a mobile app that is fairly simple to use, while also having the full featured order book platform via the website. Purchasing and holding native BNB (Binance Coin) while trading, also gives you even more of a trading fee discount. With this discount, BinanceUS seems to emerge as the leader for the lowest fees in crypto.


BinanceUS Mobile App BTC/USD market
Web-based trading platform with advanced order types (accessible via API calls)

- Low Trading Fees/Prices
- Robust API for Automated Trading
- Biggest Name in Crypto — Private Insurance Funds to Protect Money

- Long Onboarding (due to surge in demand)
- A bit hard to use for beginners at first

0.1% (0.075% with BNB held in balance)
$100 trade will cost 100 * 0.001 = $0.10
$100 trade will cost 100 * 0.00075 = $0.075 (with BNB balance)
MORE ABOUT FEES -> BinanceUS FEE Structure

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